Good Boy - Mini Mince Pies 6pk

Good Boy - Mini Mince Pies 6pk

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Good Boy Christmas Mini Mince Pies Dog Treats - 6 Pack Description & Review

When you finish your Christmas dinner and get to dessert, you can also give your dog a tasty dessert with the Good Boy Doggy Mini Mince Pies. The Mince Pie is a typical British treat that is normally filled with mincemeat, herbs and fruits. This version of the Mince Pie has been made specially for dogs and is made of rawhide. The festive design of the snacks makes them extra cheerful. Of course these treats are also suitable as a snack.

One pack contains 6 Mini Mince Pies with a 5 cm diameter and weighs 65 grams in total.

Rawhide and rice starch.