Good Boy - The Snowman & snowdog advent calendar

Good Boy - The Snowman & snowdog advent calendar

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The perfect way to count down to Christmas for all The Snowman and The Snowdog film lovers the Good Boy The Snowman Advent Calendar is packed with delicious chicken flavoured treats for your dog, sure to satisfy every day with tantalising meaty snacks they’ll love. A luxurious selection of chicken flavoured treats, with an extra special chicken flavoured biscuit bone for the 24th day, the Good Boy The Snowman Advent Calendar counts down the days until Santa-Paws arrives, delivering a tasty snack behind every door. Adding fun and satisfaction to your dog’s life every day on the lead up to Christmas each treat is made with high quality ingredients to be fed as part of a nutritionally balanced diet, packed with flavour and completely free from artificial preservatives ensuring only the best tasting snacks for your dog.  Rewarding your “little elf” as the Christmas countdown begins it involves your dog in the seasonal family traditions and celebrations of Christmas.


Delivering a delicious, healthy and moreish bite-sized snack every day for your dog the Good Boy The Snowman Advent Calendar features an adorable themed design based on the family favourite film “The Snowman and The Snowdog”.  Suitable for all dogs over 4 months of age it provides an irresistible chicken flavoured treat behind every door, with a super special chicken flavoured biscuit bone behind the final door as your dog eagerly awaits the visit of Santa-Paws.  Sure to satisfy each treat is easily digestible, perfect for feeding alongside a healthy and balanced diet.

Composition: Chicken Flavoured Treats: Oils and Fats, Milk and Milk Derivatives, Various Sugars, Cereals, Minerals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin. Additives: Sensory: Colourants, Flavourings.  Chicken Flavoured Biscuit Bone: Cereals, Oils and Fats, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Meat and Animal Derivatives, Minerals. Additives: Nutritional per kg: Vitamin A 5000iu, Vitamin D3 20mg, Iron 20mg, Zinc 20mg, Copper 5mg, Manganese 3mg, Iodine 0.5mg, Selenium 0.05mg.

Safety Note: Always supervise your pet with chews and treats. Dispose of any smaller pieces that come loose to prevent the risk of choking.  Always read safety instructions on the packaging before use. Ensure fresh, clean water is available at all times. This pack may include a deodoriser sachet which must be discarded and not fed to your dog.